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Dedicated To Solving the Insurance Needs for Law Firms

Coverage for Business Challenges

Coaction is committed to providing effective and innovative insurance solutions that address the evolving, complex and unique risks threatening small and mid-sized law firms.

Capacity, Coverage, and Forms

  • $10M in capacity for optimal risks (admitted & non-admitted)
  • A- (Excellent), Financial Size Category X
  • Combined 50+ years of Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) experience
  • Dedicated LPL claims team (many are lawyers)
  • Definition of insured and professional services
  • Definition of claim; includes a demand for non-monetary and injunctive relief
  • Reduced deductible for insured if claim settles prior to arbitration or service of suit
  • Coverage for loss of earnings for litigation participation
  • Pre-Claim Expenses, Crisis Event Expenses & Disciplinary Proceedings Expenses up to $25,000 each per policy period
  • Non-in-person notarizations covered if allowed by law
  • Hammer Clause removed
  • Subpoena compliance coverage
  • Controlled Enterprise – 25% threshold

Target Classes

  • Small to mid-sized law firms with 6 to 150 attorneys.

Value-Add Solutions

  • Risk Management Hotline – The Harmonie Group® access

Underwriting Team

VP, Underwriting

Christopher DePuy

B +1 (973) 532 - 1493

M +1 (973) 452 - 5385


AVP, Underwriting

Lisa Mansour

B +1 (973) 532 - 1990



VP, Claims

Tania Torno

B +1 (973) 532 - 1482


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